Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Year Of P-Setting: Instagram and Twitter Announce Private Photo Messaging

Do you realize the HUGE implication of this? It means all the runs setting that has been going on in Twitter has just been given a means of validification (yes, it’s a real word). No more setting p with a guy/chick just to realize the person does not meet expectations (I’m putting it nicely). Already, Twitter is one of the few major social networks that allows nudity so you can imagine what will now be seen behind those private walls. Life has been made easier for a lot of runs girls I must say.
In a similar copycat vein, Instagram also went ahead to do something similar as announced recently at an event today. They are calling it Instagram Direct (see the similarity). You can now send photos, videos and even text via Instagram Direct (come on IG, too much copying already) but I bet no one is complaining. This is going to transcend the world of p setting I assure you. Hopefully it will reduce the amount of nudes on timelines. But then again, will it?

Are you excited about the new features?

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